Mortgage payments calculator can create and amortization schedule, calculate your periodic payment and takes into account one-time lump sum extra payments and recurring payments.


Loan amount, interest rate, loan length and loan start date are required fields. You will recognize these fields as they are highlighted in red while they are active .


Do not use currency and digit grouping symbols. The decimal symbol should be a dot. Enter dates as 08/26/2010 for non-recurring and 08/26 for recurring payments.

Mortgage Payment Calculator

Our mortgage payments calculator page hosts a calculator that calculates your periodic payments. A loan payments calculator and a car payment calculator is available as well.

Simply fill out the form, add recurring payments, one-time lump sum payments or extra amount to every payment and click the calculate button.

Remember that these extra payments reduces your remaining principal quicker. A very good estimated result is given by our calculator, but real mortgage loans offers can have slightly different terms.